Story Blend

This blend is fine collaboration between Farmers, Roasters and Baristas and is designed to slice through milk with chocolate and caramel notes, highlighted by dried, fruity spices. It's a great brew to make on the GB5 and it appears to have developed a solid following of coffee fans in the neighbourhoods in which we serve it. In short, he hope it gives you a bold smooth kick in the ass.... 

Javan and Sumatran with Ethiopian and Kenyan highlights

Story Singles

Our singles program, much like tinder, starts with a monumental sampling process - for coffee its called cupping. A large group of us meet, cup and select the very best of the seasonal offerings from the highest rating farms across the coffee belt. 

As they land, the roasters roast and we the barista's brew with 10 days of each roast without pre-infusion for your enjoyment. 

This is a very fun part of the process, look for signs like the example below in store to see what you'll be drinking.